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We have lunched on Product hunt!

Product Hunt is a website and community where people share and discover new products. Every day, new products—ranging from mobile apps, websites, hardware products, and even books—are "hunted" and added to the site. Members of the community can then upvote their favorite products, making them more visible to others. The products with the most upvotes rise to the top of the daily list. Product Hunt also has a commenting feature, allowing users to discuss and provide feedback on the products. This feedback can be invaluable for makers and entrepreneurs looking for real-world reactions to their creations.

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AlternativeTo offers a complimentary service that assists in discovering superior alternatives to the products you cherish or dislike. This platform was created by Ola and Markus from Sweden, greatly aided by friends and peers from Italy, Finland, USA, Colombia, Philippines, France, and global contributors. Indeed, the alternative lists are gathered from the community, which lends strength and pertinence to the data.

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We're proud to be featured on Crozdesk!
Crozdesk is your one-stop hub for software discovery. Whether you're in the hunt for project management tools, CRM solutions, marketing applications, or accounting systems, Crozdesk offers a comprehensive suite of resources. By providing product selection advice, expert insights, vendor accolades, user testimonials, and in-depth analyst reports, they've assisted millions of businesses globally in supercharging their productivity through software. Born from tech startup origins, Crozdesk understands the essence of time and budget constraints and is committed to simplifying the software acquisition process. Their platform, backed by advanced AI and machine learning algorithms, delivers unbiased software recommendations, ensuring users find the perfect fit every time. And the best part? All these resources come at no cost, making Crozdesk an invaluable ally in the digital software landscape.