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The future of AI.

Is also the new future of you.

The AI Coffee Club platform is designed to help you generate high-quality AI content instantly, while holding your coffee and just thinking about how fun is it to be efficient and free!

AI Generator

Generate text, image, code, chat and even more with AI Coffee Club.

Advanced Dashboard

Save and extract your work and monitor your credits use.

Cost efficient

The market’s most cost-effective, all in one platform.


Ability to understand and generate content in any language you want.

Ready prompts Pro

Everything is easier when you already have all the good prompts.

Human support

AI Coffee Club is a vision and we are here to help you achieve it.

Say goodbye to writer’s block AI

Intelligent Writing Assistant.

AI Coffee Club Writer is designed to help you generate high-quality texts instantly, without breaking a sweat. With our intuitive interface and powerful features, you can easily edit, export or publish your AI-generated result.

Generate, edit, export.

Powered by OpenAI.

This is the perfect solutions for...

Digital Agencies

Product Designers



Digital Marketers



Easy start for everyone

Hundreds of ready made professional templates are waiting for you inside our platform - for free. We always updating and adding more better prompts.


AI Coffe Club helps you write better code faster, efficiently and error-free.

Video Script NEW

Create dialogue scripts and convert them to multiple voices.


Create high-quality newsletters that resonate with your audience.

SEO Copywriting TOP

Optimize your content for search engines and reach more customers.

Social Media

Engaging and shareable social media posts, including captions and hashtags.

Blog Post FAST

From industry news and trends to product reviews and how-to guides.

All in one  solution

Build yourself with the AI Coffee Club amazing tools, technology, service and community.

Advanced Dashboard

Track all your history, credits and usage data in one place.

Payment Gateways

Best value to price offer in the market + secured payment.


Ability to understand and generate content in different languages.

Affiliate System

Ability to invite friends, and earn commission from their first purchase.

Easy Export

Export generated content as plain text, PDF, Word or HTML easily.

Support Platform

Get real human support and access it from your dashboard.

AI Coffee ClubIs a lifestyle

The 10 rules of the AI Coffee Club lifestyle

We use AI to create ourselves better life, please always remember these rules that will unlock a better day for you.

Have a Coffee

Learn AI

Always use AI

Value your time

Have community

Free think

Save money

Be creative

Help others

Prompt everything

The AI Coffee Club lifestyle PLAYBOOK! - Coming soon

Join the club - become a partner

The AI Coffee Club vision and community are here to help you have more time to yourself by doing everything faster and easier with a coffee and 0 stress! that's what this club is all about... DO YOU KNOW FRIENDS THAT NEED TO JOIN US? EARN WITH US.

Simply tell them what it’s all about. Send them your unique register link.

They join and get credits for free that’s how they can really try our platform and then join our plans.

You get 25% commission and start earning income and get it via Paypal.

For more information about our partnership programs Check this page.

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Thousands already joined!

Insights and Updates

The Latest News, Trends, and Best Practices

Write, fix and analyze code faster!

// Imports
import mongoose, { Schema } from 'mongoose'

// Collection name
export const collection = 'Product'|

// Schema
const schema = new Schema({
  name: {
    type: String,
    required: true

Beat the competition!

Web manager, code developer, agency owner? It's time to beat not just the competition, also your day and most time consuming tasks and let the AI do it for you.

Cost Effective

High quality code

Super fast results

Ready to start? Free signup

"Everything is easier when you have a cup of coffee and AI"

Don't waste 100$+ monthly on different tools!!

When you can get all the best AI tools in one place and in flexible pricing.

Free Trial
free access
  • 5,000 Words
  • 5 Images
  • Regular Templates
  • AI writer
  • AI image generator
  • AI code copilot
  • AI speech to text
  • AI voiceover
  • Basic support
per month
  • 15,000 Words
  • 50 images
  • Premium templates
  • AI writer
  • AI image generator
  • AI code copilot
  • AI speech to text
  • AI voiceover
  • Premium support
per month
  • 30,000 Words
  • 120 Images
  • Premium Templates
  • AI writer
  • AI image generator
  • AI code copilot
  • AI speech to text
  • AI voiceover
  • Premium support
per month
Bonus - One custom chat assistant we will train for you!
  • 60,000 Words
  • 300 images
  • Premium templates
  • AI writer
  • AI image generator
  • AI code copilot
  • AI speech to text
  • AI voiceover
  • Premium support

Safe Payment: PayPal or Credit Card. Start today and get 14 days of premium for free.

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Questions about the AI Coffee Club?

We only provide real human support and community.

What does it mean to join the AI Coffee Club?

Joining the AI Coffee Club means embracing a world of possibilities and unlocking the true power of artificial intelligence. It's a journey towards freedom, efficiency, and success. With AI Coffee Club, you gain access to cutting-edge technologies and personalized solutions that can transform your business and personal life. From advanced AI models to ready-made templates, image generation, chatbots, transcription services, and more, our platform offers the most cost-effective and comprehensive toolkit in the market. But it's not just about the tools. It's about the support and community that comes with it. With AI Coffee Club, you'll be part of a like-minded community of individuals who share your passion for leveraging AI for growth and improvement. So, join us on this exciting adventure, where technology meets creativity, and let's unlock the full potential of AI together.

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